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This webpage is a unique feature on my website.  Take a virtual walk along Puerto Peñasco's seashore to find the right home.  The map has a built-in search with listings below it.

  • The hand tool is used to navigate the map by clicking and dragging.


  • The magnification slider on the left is used to adjust your level of zoom.


  • The buttons on the top right are used to toggle between map view, satellite imagery view, and hybrid view (satellite view is best).


  • Click on any of the house symbols to view photos and listing details.  Zoom in  to see individual home symbols to click on.  Use the drag feature to make your way up the seashore.


  • Right click on VIEW DETAILS in the column next to the map  and select OPEN IN NEW WINDOW to keep this map page open during your search.  Not doing so will reset the map.


Have fun browsing Puerto Peñasco's homes using this interactive map!  Select SATELLITE button on the map for a realistic view.